Bomb Snow i28, Early Winter 2023-24

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Issue 28 has printed and will ship Nov 20, 2023. 132 pages, Matte Finish, perfect bound- 80% content, 20% ads, 120% Radical. Bomb Snow "Sticker Sheet" included. $14.95, Plus Shipping.


• Cover Story: An in-depth photo essay and interviews with all of the people who make winter happen in Mountain Towns across the West. From snowcat drivers, to ski patrol to bar tenders and hospitality workers. These are the people who keep our snowy communities running smoothly. This issue is an ode them.

• Conrad Anker writes about his experiences in the Natural World and why conservation means so much to him.

• Matt Skorglund of North Bridger Bison speaks on the reason why he became a Bison rancher and conservationist.

• Profile of fine artist/tintype photographer Lindsey Ross with focus on her Mushroom People.

• Beau Fredlund and Nathaniel Murphy shred the gnar on secret glaciers in NZ

• A throwback story about Tom Jungst and a couple of South Dakota teens from a trip to Bridger Bowl in the 80’s.

• Story about Cindy Dixon (formerly Bob Dixon), longtime ski patroller at Big Sky

• Music Reviews, Film and book reviews and an in-depth look at the early days of Modest Mouse in Missoula.